Dot Matrix Displays Programmer



ECD’ new software programming tool for programming, maintaining and modifying your dot matrix displays.

This easy to use software enables you to program various display characteristics including:

  • Arrow types.
  • Floor inputs.
  • Character scrolling, non scrolling.
  • Character scrolling speed.
  • Messages – Up to 63 per message set. Unlimited message sets.
  • Display brightness.
  • Auto out of service message with time adjustment.

Various selectable arrow types

Arrow type 1

Arrow type 2

Arrow type 3

Maintain your jobs including;

  • Job Data: A database containing Customer names, address’, building names & address’, indicator type, # of indicators, configuration, arrow type, out of service time, brightness, speeds, etc.
  • Message Data: A database containing messages which can be included in message sets.
  • Message Sets: A database containing up to 63 messages which can then be used within any configuration.
  • Display Configuration: A database containing floor input data and message sets which can then be used within any job.
  • Customer Address’s: A database which contains your customer information which can then be used within any job.


  • Inputs can be programmed as a floor character, message or a combination of both.
  • Floor inputs may come hard on or scroll in vertically depending on settings and have a maximum of displayable characters. Auto character scrolling  direction sensing. Auto centering characters with arrows.
  • Messages scroll from right to left and may have up to 120 characters.
  • Help file included in software with free download updates.
  • Full character set.
  • Programs in 3 – 5 seconds.

Download Dot Matrix Displays Programmer Installation Instruction

Contact ECD for Dot Matrix Display Programmer V2.0 and the dongle