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The Brake Board is designed to control elevator machine brake and door cam voltage.

The AC input, AC SUPPLY is adjusted to the required AC output, VAC BRAKE and rectified externally, using the supplied 35A bridge rectifier.

The VAC BRAKE output is adjusted with parameters to control;

  • Brake lift time and voltage.
  • Brake cooling time and voltage.
  • Brake drop time.

This ensures a smooth, quiet brake operation, longer brake coil life and a reduction of back EMF surges.

AC SUPPLY input voltage;

  • 80VAC – 240VAC @50Hz

VAC BRAKE output current rating (ratings reduce as V Max reduces);  

  • AC SUPPLY input 240VAC – VAC BRAKE output 240VAC (V max = 100%) = 20A
  • AC SUPPLY input 240VAC – VAC BRAKE output 120VAC (V max = 50%) = 10A

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