100-175Q: SIS SYSTEM

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100-175Q: SIS SYSTEM

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The 100-175Q SIS unit is an upgraded version of the 100-175 SIS unit.

  • SIS yellow/blue box stays the same as 100-175.
  • The older 100-175 internal PCB’s (x2) have been replaced by 1 PCB.
  • Silent operation. The 100-175Q PCB switches electronically, so no clicking of relays
  • Wiring has been simplified as the 0v does not need to looped.
  • The 100-175Q PCB fits existing 100-175 units.
  • All rail and shaft mounting are the same as 100-175Q SIS system. See 100-175 for diagrams.

For further SIS System mounting details, go to our Technical Support page