LCD-70 Display

The LCD-70 features a large 7" colour LCD display, incorporating the latest in TFT technology, to ensure high definition images with wide viewing angles.


  • 6 floor message inputs.
  • 5 special message inputs.
  • Separate commons for floor inputs and special message inputs.
  • Automatic display of preprogrammed tenant directory upon trigger input.
  • Inputs can be selected as decimal, Gray code or binary via DIP switches.
  • 24V inputs may be positive or negative switched.
  • Up and down direction inputs for direction display.


  • Supply is wired to +24 and 0V terminals. This shall be a 24VDC supply.
Note: If a switch mode power supply is used it is recommended that the supply wires be looped through a ferrite core.
  • Inputs 1,2,4,8,16,32,UP and DN  use the “C1” common terminal as their reference.
  • Inputs TRIG,SM1,SM2,SM3,SM4,SM5 and SP1 use the “C2” common terminal as their reference.
  • If “C” is 0V then the inputs shall be 24V.
  • If “C” is 24V then the inputs shall be 0V
  • 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 – The floor position shall be displayed depending on these inputs.
  • UP, DN – The direction of travel arrow shall be displayed adjacent to the floor position, depending on the these inputs.


DIP switch:

  • Dec switch. Select to “ON” for decimal/direct inputs.
  • Bin switch. Select to “ON” for binary code inputs.
  • Gray switch. Select to “ON” for Gray code inputs.
  • Nb: Only 1 of the above switches shall be selected to “ON”
  • SP switch. Select "ON" to use serial inputs from LCD Encoder board and "OFF" for direct inputs.

Download LCD-70 Flyer

Download LCD-70 wiring configuration 

Download ECD Encoder wiring configuration