Technical Support

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Elevator Controllers:

     Download 100-170 Controller manual

     Download 100-173 Controller manual

     Download 100-174 Controller manual

     Download 100-174 EN81 Controller manual 

     Download 100-177 Controller manual

     Download 100-181 Controller manual

     Download 100-184 Controller manual 

     Download 100-194 Controller manual 

     Group Operation Overview

     Download 100-170 Data Contract Settings Record Form  

     Download 100-173 Data Contract Settings Record Form

     Download 100-174 Data Contract Settings Record Form


Shaft Information:

     Download SIS Sytem information

     Download 100-175Q SIS wiring diagram 

Car Tell Tale:

     Download CTT board Technical Article 


     LCD Display:

     Download LCD-35HV Ver 3.0 Flyer 

     Download LCD-43HV Ver 3.0 Flyer   

     Download LCD-70HV Flyer

     Download LCD-35HV Ver 3.0 wiring configuration

     Download LCD-43HV Ver 3.0 wiring configuration

     Download LCD-70HV wiring configuration

     Dot Matrix Display:

     Download Indicators information

     Download Displays wiring configuration 

     Download Displays Programmer - Installation & Programming Instruction

     Contact ECD for Displays Programmer V2.0 and the dongle

ECD Encoder Board:

     Download ECD Encoder Board V3 wiring configuration

     Download ECD Encoder Board (V2 - Obsolete) wiring configuration

USB Voice Board SPV3:

     Download USB Voice Board SPV3 Technical Article

     Contact ECD for USB Voice Board Programmer  

Brake Board:

     Download Brake Board manual

Pulse Board:

     Download Pulse Board manual

Gong Board:

     Download Gong Board technical article

Binary Board:

     Download Binary Board technical article

Gray Code Board:

     Download Gray Code Board technical article

Emergency Lowering Board:

     Download Emergency Lowering Board technical article

Security Board:

      Download Security Board technical article


     Download KEB F4 manual

     Download KEB F5 manual

     Download ECD KEBF5VF Installation manual


     Download technical drawing

     Download the SMS Start 70A manual 

     Download the SMS 100A manual