100-173: 4 Stop simplex full collective

100-173 hydraulic controller Price: RFQ

The 100-173 controller may be configured for use as a hydraulic, 1 or 2 speed AC, or VF drive controller. This controller cannot be grouped.               

Typical controller dimensions (mm);

Hydraulic 600w x 800h x 200d 

Traction 1000w x 800h x 400d  

  • Up to 4 floors
  • Full collective operation
  • All inputs and outputs have status LEDs
  • Inputs-Yellow LED
  • Outputs-Red LED
  • Combined I/O-Green LED
  • On-board programming buttons
  • On-board inspection switch and control buttons
  • On-board door disable switch
  • LCD status and programming display
  • Opto isolated inputs and outputs
  • Multiple drive type and door operator compatibility
  • Door operations and run counters
  • Specific site data stored in EEPROM
  • Brake Switch Monitoring input
  • AS 1735 compliant

Download 100-173 controller manual

Download Traction Request form

Download Hydraulic Request form