Emergency Lowering Board. P/N 100-145

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The 100-145 is used (in conjunction with a UPS) to monitor the loss of normal/mains power to the hydraulic elevator installation. On loss of normal power the 100-145 board switches the installation to the UPS power and signals the controller to commence the emergency lowering routine.

The 100-170, 100-173 and 100-174 hydraulic controllers may be upgraded to incorporate the 100-145 emergency lowering control board.

Parts required for emergency lowering control, when ordered with an ECD controller, are as follows;

  • 100-145 emergency lowering control board. (DIN rail mounted). P/N 100-145
  • 650VA UPS. (emergency power supply, mounted externally). P/N UPS 650
  • 1500VA UPS is also available if larger output required. P/N UPS 1500
  • Auxiliary contact on lift main C/B to be supplied by the customer.

 If emergency lowering control is requested on an existing ECD controller, ECD can supply an upgrade kit;


The kit includes a 100-145 board, 650VAUPS, terminals, fixtures, cable, fuse link, C/B, extra duct labels and circuit diagrams. Using this kit, circuit modifications must be done on site to the controller and main C/B.


For more details, please read Emergency Power Board technical article.